BabyMule Changing Bag/Rucksack/Messenger Bag (Plum)
£59.00 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Carry as messenger bag, wear like a backpack or clip to your buggy
Includes 5 accessories: bottle insulator, change pouch (also a cool bag), padded change mat, wet bag and purse
6 pockets of varying sizes, double ended 180degree zips, security pocket, key pocket, spacious mum pocket and more
Machine washable fabric, contrast red lining, big enough for overnight stays
"For your next 'little' adventure"! Independent British company; designed, made and managed by a mum

Babymule is an high-quality concept in Baby changing bags. Highly functional, clever and cute and packed with all you need for feeding and changing your little ones.

Available in 11 colours.

Wipe clean luxurious fabric is water resistant and Babymule can even go through the washing machine (delicates) to remove any stains or for an annual spring clean. Designed with padded back and airflow system, padded straps, nickel-free components, branded zippers and embroidered logo. Its construction stands up to the test of busy lives.

Built to Last
High quality fabric and robust manufacture means Babymule is built to last; from new-born through toddlerdom and beyond. 22 L capacity means there’s enough room for siblings and parents' things, suitable for big days out, trips to the swimming pool and long haul travel. Recognised across Europe as one of the best bags for traveling with children.

Bag size: 46 x 35 x 14 cm
Changing mat size: 56 x 34 cm

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