LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Dora the Explorer Tale of the Unicorn King
£6.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Learn about self confidence and leadership skills on a magical journey with Dora the Explorer.
Features simple sentence structures and words with predictable spelling patterns.
Teaches long and short vowels, sight words and word families.
Key literacy concepts such as long and short vowels, sight words and word families are also introduced by Dora.
Ages 4-6 years.

Join Dora and Boots on a magical quest to save King Unicornio and help crown him king of the Enchanted Forest. Designed specifically for children aged 4 to 6 years old, the LeapReader Early Reading book Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer: Tale of the Unicorn King is an interactive storybook that works with LeapReader and Tag reading systems (sold separately).

Curriculum that goes beyond core skills

As children explore Dora the Explorer: Tale of the Unicorn King, they can touch the LeapReader to each page to hear the story read aloud and touch words to hear them sounded out. Fun built-in activities offer practice with phonics skills that include long and short vowels, sight words, and word families – skills that are foundational to a child's success with reading and spelling. Word families, for example, can help young readers use analogy to read or spell new words. If children can read or spell 'mat', they begin to see how they can also read or spell 'bat', 'rat', or 'flat'. Teaching children that words contain recognisable chunks and to search for these word patterns is an important first step in developing reading fluency and spelling. Dora the Explorer: Tale of the Unicorn King also introduces children to positive personality traits as they touch characters throughout the book and hear audio responses designed to reinforce self-confidence and leadership skills through an uplifting story.

Personalised for every child

Children can build skills and reading confidence with Dora the Explorer: Tale of the Unicorn King. LeapReader is designed to provide the audio support young readers need at the moment they need it. Children can listen and read along to the full story audio, skip ahead, or return to favourite pages and activities. They can also read independently, touching words as needed to hear them sounded out letter by letter. The magical adventure, fun sound effects, and real character voices from the beloved Nickelodeon TV show Dora the Explorer add extra motivation, inspiring Dora fans to learn, explore, and read more.

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