Rotho Babydesign Top and Tail Bowl 
£6.00 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Two parts
For the daily care
Place to set up soap
High quality material
Made in Germany

Top & Tail bowl, for daily baby care. Ideal for use between bath times and easily used wherever and whenever changing. The bowl offers two compartments. It is a hygienic way of cleaning a baby safely. Size 28 x 30 x 10,5 cm. This product is available in many different colours. Rotho Babydesign offers high quality plastic Made in Germany. The Rotho Babydesign Ltd. globally distributes high-class special products for babies and toddlers. Totally the brand Rotho Babydesign comprises 5 range lines: Care, Feeding, Safety, Toys and On the go All products stand out by high quality and an innovative, functional design. The company has set itself the target to settle new product ideas into market niches and therefore supply custom-made solutions to both parents and toddlers. For further company information please visit our webside:

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