Galt Toys Marble Racer Galt Toys
£26.40 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Marble racing game, 80 pieces
Fully compatible with the Galt Marble Run
For up to 4 players
Age: 4 to adult
Includes full colour guide

Build an exciting marble racing game for up to four players. Fully compatible with Galt Marble Run, this exciting construction set features three special racing pieces. A variety of chutes and wheels are also included for a really fascinating race.Starter top, starter base, finish, 3 racing vortex, wiggly bell chute, staircase, staircase support, curved chute with horizontal wheel, vertical wheel chute, paddle wheel, S shaped chute, 4 straight chutes, 37 tubes, 4 bases and 20 marbles. Age: 4 to adult.

Box Contains
Starter top; starter base; finish;3 racing vortex;wiggly bell chute;staircase;staircase support;curved chute with horizontal wheel;vertical wheel chute;paddle wheel;'S' shaped chute;4 straight chutes;37 tubes;4 bases and 20 marbles.

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