A First Book of Nature Hardcover – 3 May 2012 by Nicola Davies
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From beachcombing to stargazing, this is lyrical and lovely guide to nature for young children. Beautiful production too. The Bookseller It's a book to cherish and share, one to keep and reflect upon and to pick up and read when the pressures of life get a bit much. It's a lovely way to encourage children to enjoy the world around them and to make them take note and care for that world. Parentsintouch.co.uk With lots to see in the richly-coloured spreads, this is a very special book to explore together and to treasure. Booktrust this volume of poetry - sprinkled with facts and fun things to do - sows an early love for nature Selvedge How could a child not adore this book? Good Housekeeping a simply stunning book with eye-catching illustrations...a special gift that will instantly win a place in your, and your little one's, hearts. baby&me A First Book Of Nature by Nicola Davies is a treasury of poems, pictures and recipes, taking children on a journey through the seasons and showing them the beauty of the world around them Sunday Express "Hearld's nostalgic illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this lovely chronicle of a child's first experiences of nature." BookTrust

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