Instant Blox - This Educational Puzzle Can Make Up To 5000 shapes
£10.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

EDUCATIONAL & CREATIVE - 3D Building Blocks - Grandparents just love Instant Blox. This is the one set of only 15 pieces that can create numerous designs. No need to worry about having to pick up hundreds of small pieces.
QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - It is extremely sturdy, built to last and something you can pass down from child to child. Comes with its own case so can be easily put back in the box and stored away.
PUT A SMILE ON YOUR CHILD'S FACE - Get your kids off their tablets and TV and have fun with this terrific building game. You might want to consider purchasing 2 Instant Blox for the more advanced child as one customer claims:-
LOVE THESE - "Absolutely love the instant blox. I bought them for my 19 month old but so far my husband and I have played with them more, but the little one loves them when she gets them. Ideal for kids of all ages. Thank you" - Fun for both Adults (especially the elderly) and Children from Age 3 - Comes with its own stand - Large colourful blocks for easy handling
EDUCATE - Increase thinking and creativity ability - blocks are built out of geometric shapes that nest, stack and come to life with every colourful design created. Read the feedback and see how delighted and thrilled our customers are with Instant Blox. A real favourite with Nursery School teachers.

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