LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Leap and the Lost Dinosaur (Works with Tag)
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Dig into fun fossil facts from prehistoric times
Become a dinosuar expert with 15 interactive playing cards
Study cool tools & develop early science skills
Play an exciting round of Dinosaur Jungle Survivor using your dinsosaur cards!
Dinosaur sizes, habitats, key defenses and more are woven into a compelling story that helps children understand and remember the facts.

Go back in time with Leap, Professor Quigley, and their adorable dinosaur friend Zoey to find her family and learn about the prehistoric world! Dig up fun facts about dinosaurs and learn about scientific tools, measurements, adaptation, classification, and more. Children aged 5 to 8 years old will love learning in-depth facts from 15 two-sided interactive dinosaur playing cards and using what they learn to play a game of Dinosaur Jungle Survivor! This interactive book is for use with the LeapReader Reading and Writing System and is also compatible with the Tag Reading System (sold separately).

Become a dinosaur expert

This early science story encourages children to play the role of scientist and introduces early science concepts and tools (such as maps, brushes, and hammers) used by paleontologists. Children will have fun interacting with charts and tables that compare dinosaurs' characteristics, habitats, and much more! The learning is reinforced with an activity that demonstrates how modern animals share characteristics with prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. For example, in this activity LeapReader prompts children to touch the animal on the page that acts like a triceratops. The correct answer is rhinoceros. At the back of the book, children will discover an interactive word list that provides definitions for more than ten challenging words in the story including allosaurus, observe, and museum.

Reinforce the learning

Reinforce the learning fun with 15 two-sided interactive playing cards. With a tap of the LeapReader pen, children can get more in-depth facts about each dinosaur, from their sizes and what they ate to when they lived and where they roamed. Children can use what they learn from the playing cards to prepare for a wild round of the Dinosaur Jungle Survivor Game. Collector cards can be conveniently stored on the inside of the book.

The LeapFrog difference

Providing children with opportunities to build knowledge in an area of personal interest can support reading comprehension; Leap and the Lost Dinosaur builds on the fascination young kids have with prehistoric creatures. The information about dinosaur sizes, habitats, key defences, and more is woven into a compelling story that provides a rich context designed to help children understand and remember the facts presented.

This LeapReader Learn Through Reading book is designed to help children apply critical reading skills as they explore topics like dinosaurs, fossils, adaptation, and more. It's one of the many books in the LeapReader library, organised by series: Early Reading, Read and Write, Read on Your Own, and Learn Through Reading.

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