Garden Games Pair of Tree Swing Conversion Ropes to Adapt a Swing to Hang from a Tree
£26.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Two ropes are supplied - Ideal for swing seats and trapezes
With the Tree Swing Conversion Ropes you can convert any tree into a swing.
Rope Length: Approximately 2 meters
Galvanised Steel Fasteners & Gate Rings - Poly-Hemp Rope
Suitable for branch height of approx. 2 - 2.8m max (dependant on length of swing seat rope and branch girth)

The Tree swing conversation rope is made of natural poly hemp rope with galvanised steel metal fixings and secure black plastic reinforced welds. Suitable for use with any single or duel rope swing seat - or the conversation rope can also be used to add extra height to your swing seat ropes should your swing beam be a little higher than standard. The rope's allow you to hang most Swing Seats from a tree branch - it is important that the tree branch you are attaching the swing to is strong and safe, and that the swing seats are attached following the instructions provided.

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