DK Glovesheets 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Small Travel Cot Sheet (White, 95x65cm)
£10.57 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Fitted Small Travel Cot Glovesheet
To fit mattress approximately: 95 x 65 cm
100% Organic Cotton
Made in England
The original fitted sheet that fits like a glove.

DK Organic Glovesheet. "The sheet that is tailored to fit like a glove". DK Glovesheets have manufactured the original fitted sheets since 1950. The original Glovesheet design still fits the mattress better than other fitted sheets. The deep corners and elastic edge keep them firmly attached to the mattress, without slipping or rucking. Organic Glovesheets are made from top quality 100% Organic combed cotton interlock, which is far stronger than the single-jersey material used by most other manufacturers, and will last for much longer. It is thicker, and softer to lie on. Organic yarn is grown without the use of artificial insecticides, pesticides, or fertilisers, using methods that are ecological, economical, and socially sustainable. Methods such as crop rotation and the use of natural means to suppress insect attack are used to maintain the soil fertility and control pests. This helps to promote a healthy environment and maintain biological diversity. GM crops are strictly prohibited. As with the standard range of Glovesheets, yarn is sourced direct from the producer and DK oversee the entire production process, as it is passed from the knitters in Nottingham to the dyers in Leicester, and finally to our family run factory in Surrey. This ensures that Glovesheets are as ethically produced as possible, and of excellent quality. Glovesheets are not chlorine bleached. Box Contains 1x DK Organic Glovesheet 1x folding card 1x "U card" insert 1x plastic wrapper

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