Goodness Gracious Mango Coconut Milk/Brown Rice Puree 140 g (Pack of 8)
From 7 months
£9.51 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Gluten free
The brown rice gives a higher nutritional content than white rice
Free from artificial colours, artificial flavours and genetically modified ingredients
Suitable for vegans

This balanced, power-packed puree of essential nutrients, bursting with vitamins and minerals vital in the diets of children 12 months and older, and adults too!. As with all our purees, our mango, coconut milk and brown rice recipe is free from any hidden salt, gluten, sugar or preservatives – it’s delicious enough and keeps unrefrigerated for up to a year, without any additives

Box Contains
1 x Goodness Graciou Mango Coconut Milk/ Brownrice Puree 140 g (Pack of 8)

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