LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Get Ready for Kindergarten (Works with Tag)
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Build essential skills in reading, mathematics, social studies and science to prepare for school-success. to life!
A fun multi-subject book focused on fundamental school readiness skills!
The Tag System helps children develop and strengthen critical reading skills
The Learn through Reading series is designed to help them apply those skills to explore topics like science, geography, writing and more.
Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

The LeapReader Get Ready for Kindergarten interactive book contains a broad range of maths, science, reading, and social studies curriculum combined with engaging art and fun audio effects. As children explore the book, learning comes to life with character voices, sound effects, and fun activities.

LeapReader's Get Ready for Kindergarten is designed to give kids aged 4 to 6 years old an introduction to nearly 40 essential school skills. This interactive book is for use with the LeapReader Reading and Writing System and is also compatible with the Tag Reading System (sold separately).

Get ready for school and life

Based on educational research, LeapFrog know that children who enter school with certain key readiness skills may be better positioned for future academic success. Get Ready for Kindergarten helps kids build these important skills through fun interactions. In addition to maths, phonics, and pattern recognition, this interactive book promotes children's curiosity and fosters an eagerness to learn about science, social studies, and more.

Fun interactive learning

LeapReader's Get Ready for Kindergarten gives kids a boost in learning areas that prepare them for success. This multi-subject interactive book helps prepare kids for school with a hands-on introduction to essential school skills. In Word Circus, children use consonants and vowels to build a variety of one-syllable circus-themed words. In Monster Math, kids count sets of candy up to ten as a monster loads the pieces into its bag. Kids also learn to recognise dinosaurs, identify people and places in the community, understand the seasons, and explore different instruments. Other entertaining activity pages teach word building, comprehension, pattern recognition, skip counting, calendar skills, and beginning social studies concepts.

The LeapFrog difference

LeapFrog's learning team incorporated nearly 40 readiness skills into LeapReader's Get Ready for Kindergarten book. Children have the opportunity to build important readiness skills while they engage in learning activities that contain fun art and sound effects. LeapFrog's learning team of PhDs and child development specialists ensure that the learning elements of this book align with scholastic standards.

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