Bristle Blocks Big Value Set with Family and Animal Figurines in a Carry Case with Handle (85 Pieces)
£18.63 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Easy to join and construct blocks
Long lasting building toy with infinate possibilities
The different sizes and special pieces will stimulate creativity
You can build almost anything you can imagine
The different sizes and special pieces will stimulate creativity, Big value case includes family and Animal figurines

Loads of endless play value with this big value 85 piece Bristle Blocks Construction set with family and animal figurines. They are great fun, easy to join and you can create almost anything your imagination can think of with these colourful, soft, chunky, flexible construction pieces just made for little fingers to connect. All can be stored away in a handy storage case with handle. What can you build!. When you will finallly stop playing with them nobody knows!.

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