LeapFrog LeapReader Book Learn to Write Numbers with Mr. Pencil
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Train for the Doodleburg Games by building early math skills and practicing number writing.
Interactive workbook features 25 tracing and writing activities and over 300 interactive responses.
Also includes Practice Pack with extra LeapFrogTM Learning Paper to reinforce learning through repetition.
Teaches: number writing, addition, subtraction and the function of zero.
Works with the LeapReader reading system only (sold separately)

Build early maths skills with a trip to the Doodleburg Games! LeapFrog's LeapReader Learn to Write Numbers with Mr. Pencil activity set introduces kids aged 4 to 8 years old to early mathematics and number writing. More than 40 hands-on activities present elements of mathematics – number writing, addition, subtraction, shapes, patterns, and the function of zero – in a fun, interactive way. LeapReader Learn to Write Numbers is designed to deliver the benefits of an integrated reading and writing experience.

Children can use the LeapReader to get word-by-word support while reading the story, then practise writing numbers with interactive writing guidance on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. This book is for use with the LeapReader Reading and Writing System (sold separately), and is not compatible with the Tag Reader.

Get in the game

Play a very important role in the Doodleburg Games by helping reporter Dianne Inkwell keep score. Line up with athletes in lanes 1, 2, and 3, and trace the race! Aim for the bullseye on the archery range and practise writing the numbers 1 to 6. Join a game of Snow Ball with Addy and Linus, and keep an eye on numbers 7 to 9. Count from 1 to 20 to help Mr. Pencil connect the dots, and draw a fan to cheer on the athletes. Trace shapes to draw a racecar, and help Molly measure different heights and lengths. Along the way Diane Inkwell misplaces her pen, but luckily children have a record of the players' scores that they wrote with their very own LeapReader!

Count on the learning fun

With the LeapReader and the Learn to Write Numbers with Mr. Pencil activity set, children explore basic addition and subtraction and learn to write numbers with proper stroke order. Voiced Doodleburg characters guide the learning and get writers in the game. Step-by-step audio support provides instant feedback and guidance as children practise their handwriting and number writing on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. As new writers form each number, the instruction goes from basic lines to more complex strokes. Fun activities and games are incorporated into the experience, keeping children engaged as they build writing fluency.

The LeapFrog difference

Designed by in-house educational experts, the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System (sold separately) is grounded in the latest research for the richest possible learning experience. As leaders in educational entertainment, LeapFrog are trusted by parents to combine innovation with a breadth of play patterns to delight and expand learning horizons. Children build phonics and number recognition skills by touching the LeapReader to numbers and words and hearing them pronounced and sounded out.

As children explore LeapReader books, parents can connect the system to their computer and expand the learning with fun, free activities, plus printables and tips from experts that reinforce their school skill set. You'll have access to their writing progress and get personalised skill insights. LeapReader reading and writing systems support children's independent reading skills and confidence with print, along with comprehension activities that encourage children to make predictions, analyse characters, and answer questions.

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