Goodness Gracious Organic Banana Plum and Quinoa Puree 140 g (Pack of 8)
From 4 months
£10.88 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients
Contain all the amino acids essential to human life
Free from preservatives and added sugar
Contain 100 percent organic fruit

Banana, plum and quinoa puree are packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients, quinoa is widely regarded as an important superfood and quite rightly. Introduce quinoa into your family’s diet together with two fantastic fruits that go oh so well brilliant banana and perfect plum. Banana, plum and quinoa recipe is free from any hidden salt, gluten, sugar or preservatives, it’s delicious enough and keeps unrefrigerated for up to a year without any additives.

53% Banana, 25% plum, 20% water, 2% quinoa.

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