Airfix Quick Build Lamborghini Aventador Car Model Kit
£13.17 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Age 5+

Includes four mini-dolls: Emma, Andrea, Matthew and Naya in summer outfits
Features a roller coaster, ferris wheel, drop tower, entrance booth and a dining area
The push-along roller coaster features four carriages
The rotating Ferris wheel features steps up to six hanging gondolas (each seating a mini-doll)
The drop tower features two cars with opening safety bars, spinning function as it drops and a camera

Collect and build an exciting range of six legends from Airfix! Quick and simple, the model is designed as a push-fit model construction kit, which has been pre-coloured. The model is provided with a display stand and decorative stickers.

The Lamborghini model features a total of 32 parts. The length of the model, when constructed, is 213 mm. Airfix Quick Build kits look just like the real thing when built!

About the Airfix brand:
Airfix is the oldest UK manufacturer of scale plastic model kits and has been producing kits for the mass market since 1952. Airfix produces a wide range of kits aimed at all types of scale modellers, with subjects such as military aircraft, civil aircraft, ships, galleons, cars, space, figures, dioramas, and military vehicles.

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