The Royal British Legion Spitfire P7350 Lapel Pin
£69.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)


These beautiful P7350 “Spirit of 1940” pins, which feature exquisite 18mm wingspan miniature Spitfire sculptures, are crafted of Duralumin originating from Spitfire P7350, the oldest most original airworthy Spitfire in the world. The miniature sculptures really are perfect little three dimensional portrayals of the legendary Spitfire – true from both plan and side views.

Each miniature Spitfire has ‘TMB’ and ‘P7350’ cast into the underside of the wings, in verification of the historic metal of which it is made. Presented in a very high quality wooden case with certificate of provenance. These Pins are entirely hand crafted and finished in England. Minor surface imperfections, barely visible when worn, may exist, but such is the nature of using 75 year old ex-Spitfire metal and only adds to their character, providing a pleasant and rather appropriate aged look.

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