Disney Baby Infants Dress Up 101 Dalmations Costume
Size - 0/3, 3/6, 6/9, 9/12 & 18/24 months
£16.58 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Disney Baby Infants Character Bodysuit And Hat
Features A Soft, Cotton Jersey Bodysuit With Short Sleeves And Easy Popper.
The Hat Features Cute Embroidered Character Face.

Age: 3-6 months height: 64-72cm (25-29")
Age: 6-9 months height: 72-76cm (29-30")
Age: 9-12 months height: 76-80cm (30-32")
Age: 12-18 months height: 80-86cm (32-34")
Age: 18-24 months height: 86-92cm (34-36") chest: 51-53cm (20-21")

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