Keysies Transparent Plastic Removable Piano and Keyboard Note Stickers - Plus Handy Placement Guide
£6.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

3 New Improvements: 1) Keysies® are now made from double coated polyester, meaning that the print is now encapsulated within the stickers themselves, so no more print rubbing off over time! 2) Keysies® now have smoother, rounded corners to prevent them from peeling up. 3) We now include a little wooden stick, which makes Keysies® much easier to apply!
Quantity: 52 Stickers (Applied to the white keys only, enough for a full sized 88 key piano/keyboard) Each Keysie® measures 16mm by 35mm, Ideal size for any instrument without hanging over the edge of the keys.
Keysies® are made from a very high quality transparent polyester (stronger and more durable than vinyl). Many keyboards/pianos have keys that are slightly off-white, and some pianos have ivory keys. Transparent stickers look much nicer on these instruments.
Non-residue removable adhesive means that the Keysies® can be easily repositioned, and removed without a trace. Keysies® also have an extra layer of gloss which allows them to be wiped clean with ease. The backing sheet that your Keysies® are originally stuck to is siliconized so that the stickers can be unpeeled easily for smoother application onto the instrument.
Keysies® come with an easy to follow hard copy Placement Guide, suitable for any size instrument. All orders are dispatched same day with free Royal Mail first class postage. VAT receipts available on request.

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