Sophie the Giraffe Soft and Original Set
£42.98 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

A set with the original Sophie and the Soft Toy Version
Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber and food grade paint
A perfect newborn gift set
A Sophie for both day and night time
Comes in a cute bag

The Sophie the Giraffe Soft and Original Set contains the must have teething sensation Sophie the Giraffe, and a soft toy version perfect for sleep time.

Born in France in 1961 Sophie la girafe has become the must have teething toy for all babies as she soothes away sore gums and entertains baby with her cute smile and cheeky squeak.

The world over Sophie has enchanted millions of babies since her creation and is now one of the best loved baby toys in the world. Suitable from birth +.

This great set also comes with a soft toy version of the famous Sophie so baby need never be without her favourite friend.

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