Climbing frame and garden safety mats x 4 (21006)
£7.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Each mat 52cm x 52cm x 1.3cm - a pack of 4 mats makes one sq metre
Durable yet comfortable
Protects your lawn allows grass to stay heathly
Interlocking design means easy fit
Easy to clean

Ideal for under climbing frames and trampolines Each mat 52cm x 52cm x 1.3cm This listing is for a pack of four mats Have many other uses such as caravanning, boating, camping, outdoor events, garage, workshop These are extremely comfortable yet durable. Made from EVA material (similar to flip flops) with a closed cell foam structure will never stain deteriorate or fall apart. 100% waterproof Anti slip patterned finish Tear resistant Strong rot proof Easy to assemble - interlocking design Thick and comfortable Environmentally friendly allowing grass to grow through Lightweight and mobile- giving flexible flooring solution Therapeutic properties for your feet Anti fatigue flooring Easy to Clean (wipe with just soap and water)

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