Hohner 2 Piece C Key Wooden Soprano Recorder - Dark Pearwood
£21.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Recorder with decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship, hohner´s designing engineers and product managers continually strive for improvements in sound and playability. this philosophy is reflected in our plastic plus our finely crafted wooden recorders. many of our beginner plastic models in addition to the musical line are very popular in music education programs around the world.
Musica linethese well-crafted 2 piece wooden c-descant recorders with their harmonious, balanced sound set the standard in the field of musical education in schools. the ergonomically formed mouthpiece makes lipping easier and ensures a pleasant playing feel.all recorders of the "musica line" are available in maple or pearwood, with german or baroque fingering as desired
Specifications: musica line; tuning - soprano; fingering - baroque; corpus - dark pearwood; construction - two part; packging - plastic sleeve
Includes plastic storage sleeve

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