Muslinz Blue Mix Baby Muslin Squares (Pack of 6, Blue)
£10.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

6 Pack Blue Combo Muslin Muslin Squares
70 x 70 cms
100% cotton - MachineWashable
MuslinZ have a finer weave and are exceptional quality.
Muslinz will get softer the more you wash them, will keep their shape and are very hard wearing.

Muslinz baby muslin squares. Size 70 x 70 cms. A mixed 6 pack combination containing 2 Blue, 2 White and 2 matching spots design. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Great as a newborn nappy, swaddle, burp cloth,comforter, breast feeding shield and general mopping up cloth. A must have for every new parent ! Muslinz make a great New Baby Gift. Muslinz muslin squares are excellent quality. They are made with a tighter weave so they hold their shape and wash well. The more you use then the softer they get ! Muslinz is a registered Trade mark. Other colours and combinations are available.

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