Garden Games Children's Heavy Duty Green Wavy Slide 3 metre for 1.5 metre Climbing Frame or Tree House Platform
£139.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Wavy green slide made of strong and safe HDPE plastic with a hose attachment nozzle for use with a 1.5m platform
Simple installation - attaches easily to your chosen 1.5m high platform - just screw in using two screws.
Has amazingly fun feature of the hose connector - just attach your garden hose the underside of your slide, and create a fun water slide
The solid plastic slide is perfect for DIY climbing frames and tree houses or for replacing an old slide, the end of the slide is raised off the ground for easy and safe dismount.
Unfortunately, due to size we cannot deliver this slide over water to the Islands, N.Ireland or the Scottish Highlands.

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