LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil (Pen not included)
£11.95 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Tune up on writing skills with Dot, Dash and the denizens of Doodleburg!
Deluxe workbook features a 20-page story with 45 tracing and writing activities and more than 400 interactive responses .
Also includes Practice Pack with extra LeapFrogTM Learning Paper to reinforce learning through repetition.
Teaches: upper- and lowercase letters, proper stroke order, letter sounds and handwriting.
Works with the LeapReader reading system only (Pen sold separately)

Open a world of writing with the ultimate introductory handwriting set! LeapFrog's LeapReader Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil deluxe activity set gives kids aged 4-8 years old an introductory experience to writing more than 700 letters with interactive writing guidance and audio feedback. More than 40 hands-on activities review the key elements of writing the alphabet – upper- and lower-case letters, proper stroke order, letter sounds, and handwriting – in a fun, interactive way.

LeapReader Learn to Write Letters is designed to deliver the benefit of an integrated reading and writing experience. Children can use the LeapReader to get word-by-word support while reading the story, then practise writing letters with interactive writing guidance on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. This book is for use with the LeapReader Reading and Writing System (sold separately), and is not compatible with the Tag Reader.

A letter-perfect performance

Join Dot and Dash as they form a band, tune up on writing skills, and give a letter-perfect performance at the Doodleburg Fun Fair! More than ten Doodleburg characters lead the story and prompt writers to move and groove with LeapReader. Create curved letters with Curly Q and Loopy Lou, explore more linear letters with Straight-Up Sue, and practise penmanship with Ziggy Zag. Jitterbug with Jimmy Jot and learn about upper- and lower-case letters with dots! Don't forget about Curly Q and her singing, skateboarding sheep, guaranteed to get the crowd to flock to the stage.

The write stuff

New writers embark on an immersive learning adventure that teaches letter names, sounds, and strokes with step-by-step interactive guidance that goes from basic lines to more complex strokes. Fun activities and games are incorporated into the experience, designed to keep children engaged as they build writing fluency. Watch their eyes light up as their letters magically appear on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. Children can build phonics and handwriting skills by touching LeapReader to letters and words and hearing them pronounced and sounded out.

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