Keyboard or Piano Stickers 61 key set For Kids learn to play THE FUN WAY PSMW61
£5.99 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Fun stickers to help kids learn to play a piano or keyboard
Removable vinyl stickers
Learn to play the fun way.

A FULL SET OF STICKERS FOR A KEYBOARD OR PIANO UP TO 61 KEY, STICKERS SET IN ORDER READY TO BE PLACED ON A STANDARD 61 KEY KEYBOARD OR PIANO. 36 STICKERS FOR THE WHITE KEYS. LABEL SIZE 17mm WIDE BY 43mm HIGH. Fitting Instructions can be downloaded from website if needed. MIDDLE C HIGHLIGHTED. PIANOSTICKERS MANUFACTURE THE STICKERS TO HELP AID AND SPEED UP THE LEARNING PROCESS. Learn to play " THE FUN WAY". These stickers have Monster shaped letters on them to help the learning process at the start. Then as the child progress they can use the top part of the sticker to learn the correct musical note. REMOVABLE EASY TO APPLY PLEASE SEE OTHER ITEMS PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR STICKERS ONLY. PIANOSTICKERS

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