Bigjigs Toys Early Learning Triangular Activity Centre
£32.49 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Every side of this activity centre is crammed with fun activities and learning opportunities!
Includes abc letters, picture blocks, counting beads, a chalk board and more!
Unique way to learn about shapes, objects, light and colour.
Suitable for ages 1+ years.
Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.

With no detachable pieces, the Bigjigs Toys Triangular Activity Centre is easy to grasp and has plenty to keep young hands busy for hours. Features 5 different activities; on either end there are counting and animal matching sorting activities. Plus, a chalk board, abacus and pictures blocks. This educational activity toy is great for aiding development. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Age 1+ years. Height: 226mm, Width: 290mm, Depth: 255mm.

Founded in June 1985, Bigjigs Toys is a family operated business which has never lost sight of its roots. Our mission is to deliver quality, safe and affordable products, which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood through fun, exploration and learning. We believe that the best toys are powered by creativity and imaginative play and strive to produce toys that are cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

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