BRIO 31351 Toddler Wobbler Black
£45.63 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Brio Toddler Wobbler In High Gloss Black
Toy collection tray set forward for less trips and greater safety
Promotes Good Balance And Early Walking
Durable wooden structure, made to BRIO's high standards
Adjustable handle and brake safety feature

Toddler Wobbler is a classic pushcart in high gloss black. The wooden construction is sturdy and safe, with the tray set forward for safer first steps and brake feature to stop it running away to easily.

BRIO created the first wooden railway in 1958. Since then they've built up the world's largest range of wooden railway items and many other educational and learning toys.

BRIO's mission is to contribute to a child's development by offering good toys that stimulate the mind through play. Thanks to in-depth expertise, BRIO develops toys that always generate joy, while satisfying the child's needs in various phases of development. BRIO is a reliable ‘partner' for parents.

BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills.

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