Clippasafe Toddler Daysack/Backpack Flower
£11.26 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Detachable security rein.
Grab handle.
Internal label to write childs name and address on.
Fully adjustable.
Conforms to safety standard EN 13210:2004

The Clippasafe Toddler Backpack in a fun Flower themed design is ideal for use on the walk to school or on trips out. It has enough space inside to carry a packed lunch and a few favourite small toys. The built in grab handle helps keep your child secure and close to you in an instant, and the detachable security rein allows more freedom but gives you the reassurance that they are nearby and can't run off. There's also an internal label for you to write your childs name and address on to aid identification at nursery or school and avoid any mix ups.

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