Casio CTK-6200 Full Size Piano Style Keyboard
£148.54 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

61 full size piano style touch sensitive keys
700 orchestral and synth built in tones and 210 accompaniment rhythms including 10 new ethnic styles from india and japan
New graphic equalizer with 5 presets
32 registraion memories and a 5 song, 17 track recording syste,
Pitch bend wheel and sampling function to capture unique sounds.

The CTK-6200 has everything you need for live performance and music production. With a huge range of high-quality sounds and automatic accompaniments, including many ethnic and world rhythms, this instrument is ideal for any keyboard player.

As well as features to help you achieve a professional sound quickly and easily, the CTK-6200 is packed with a range of studio and synthesizer-based tools to boost your creativity.

The CTK-6200 has 4 built-in speakers and can be played using headphones. You can also connect to external speakers using the stereo line output. The instrument also has a song recorder, USB and Audio in sockets for connecting to a computer or tablet and a footswitch.

The keyboard uses SD memory cards, making it easy to transfer your songs and settings to a computer. A 12 volt power adapter is supplied and the keyboard will also run on six D size batteries. Weighing just 5.7kg, the CTK-6200 is light enough to be taken anywhere.

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