Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set With Hat, Sword, and Eye Patch
£22.75 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Age 3+

This swashbuckling role-play set will outfit your little one for adventure!
High-quality fabrics and construction ensure durability.
Includes pirate hat, soft sword and eye patch.
Machine-washable costume and wipe-clean accessories
Fits children ages 3 to 6.

Yo-ho-ho, swashbucklers take heed! This pirate role play collection has everything adventurous kids need to transform into authentic-looking pirates of the high seas. The embroidered black and gold vest with red-and-white-striped sewn-in sleeves and a dashing red sash with a sword-holder has self-stick tabs and is machine washable. Both the vest and a traditional pirate hat have matching skull-and-crossbones designs. Deep pockets hold treasure a young pirate might discover, while an eye patch and soft sword complete the look and help transport fun-loving scoundrels to an imaginary world of adventures!

Quality construction and great value
There's a whole world of make-believe packed into this superior-value role play set. High quality, wipe-clean materials and durable construction, as well as adjustable designs to fit varying and changing sizes, ensure years of imaginative play. Role playing and dress-up promotes creative expression, narrative thinking, and both independent and cooperative play. This exceptional pretend play set, filled with realistic, functional accessories, also helps build self-esteem as kids 'try on' a career and explore the world of work!

Product Description
Dress up? Ay, matey! This swashbuckling set includes an embroidered vest, pirate hat, eye patch and soft sword.

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