Newsky Folding Mini Trampoline for Kids with Handle and Carry Bag Square
£43.00 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE-- Ideal trampoline for children aged 3+, good for both indoor and outdoor bounching
ROBUST AND SAFE-- Sturdy metal frame with tough weatherproof mat, cushioned support handle makes bouncing safer and more fun, padded edge prevents little feet from stepping into bungee cords
FOLDING DESIGN-- The handle is removable, mat and legs foldable, comes with free carry bag for easy storage and transportation
HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLY-- Can be easily assambled within 5 minutes as it DOES NOT require building. NO THREADING, NO STRETCHING, simply unfold, screw on the legs and handle and it's ready for kids to enjoy
DIMENSIONS-- Length 85cm* Height 78cm* Width 85cm (2.8ft * 2.6ft* 2.8ft) / Maximum user weight: 30kg

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