LeapFrog LeapReader Book: Write It! Talking Words Factory
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Build reading and writing skills, and help save the Singing Words concert from turning into a word jumble!
Interactive workbook features letter tracing and word writing activities.
Includes Practice Pack with extra mess-free LeapFrogTM Learning Paper.
Teaches: short & long vowel sounds, word families and rhyming words.
Works with the LeapReader reading system only (sold separately)

The LeapFrog LeapReader Write It! Talking Words Factory activity set helps children aged 4 to 8 years old learn how to build and write words, from CVC words (like 'cat') and CCVC words (like 'stop') to rhyming words, and more. More than 40 hands-on activities explore early phonics and introduce short vowels, consonant blends, rhyming, word families, and word writing through fun, hands-on activities.

The LeapReader Write It! Talking Words Factory set is designed to deliver the benefit of an integrated reading and writing experience. Children can use the LeapReader to get word-by-word support while reading the story, then practise writing words with interactive writing guidance on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. This product is for use with the LeapReader Reading and Writing System (sold separately), and is not compatible with the Tag Reader.

Save the singing words

Join Leap, Lily, and Tad for word-writing fun at the Talking Words Factory, and show your child how vowels vocalise and consonants harmonise. Professor Quigley's Singing Words are rehearsing for a big concert with a famous opera singer and they need your child's help! First, get a refresher in how words are made in the factory. See the Sticky-Ick-o-Rama and the Word Whammer machines hard at work building words. Catch the CVC words ('hat', 'cat', 'bed', 'dog', 'tap') practising their harmonies. But on the way to the concert, the Word Mobile hits a bump and the words get jumbled up! Can your child save the day and score a standing ovation?

Learning fun

Discover the fun of word building in a musical, machine-filled adventure. Check out wacky gadgets like the Word Whammer and the Sticky-Ick-o-Rama machines to see how vowels act as glue to stick letters together, and how letters blend to form words. Combine letter sounds to make three-letter words, use common ending sounds to create rhyming words, and blend letters to make even longer rhyming words. Trace missing vowels and practise writing words on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper. When the Singing Words get mixed up right before the big concert, save the day by writing missing vowels and building even more new words.

Innovative learning approach

Designed by in-house educational experts, the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System (sold separately) is grounded in the latest research for the richest possible learning experience. Based on LeapFrog's award-winning Talking Words Factory DVD (sold separately), children learn how words are built and how to write them. Interactive audio support provides instant feedback as children practise their handwriting on special mess-free LeapFrog writing paper, and with the included practice pack and extra writing paper children see their words magically appear and reinforce what they're learning through repetition

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