Babymoov Baby Star Changing Bag
£40.44 (latest price on Amazon may vary)

Changing bag to carry all of mum's and baby's essentials
Includes large removable insulated bag, pacifier compartment and polar fleece
Transparent pocket can hold medicines, nappies, dirty clothes

The Babymoov Changing Bag is a pretty unusual bag because it does so much more!

But firstly, let’s tell you what it’s not. It’s not a bag that will be in fashion this year and out of fashion next, it’s a sensible bag for a sensible mum and is available in a range of attractive colours that can match virtually every stroller on the market. Just as importantly, it’s a bag that a dad will be happy to carry, any time, anywhere.

Designed by Babymoov in France (where they know about chic styling and practicality) the thought that has gone into this bag is amazing!

No other changing bag comes with a fleece blanket, a transparent wet bag, an insulated lunch bag, a dummy holder.

Of course other bags come with a changing mat, but not quite like the one included with this bag!

The changing mat is wipe clean and also offers numerous storage pockets in a removable section which can, if you wish, be unzipped from the changing mat.

The Babymoov bag also boasts other unique features. It’s designed to be accessible using just one hand and the padded removable shoulder strap makes wearing the bag so comfortable. You can even wear the bag across your body if you prefer, the concept is that everything is easily accessible. Everything is easy!

The primary handle is well padded and Velcro’s together.

Inside there are oodles of compartments and pockets, many of which can be easily secured with a zip, all designed to hold mums and babies important necessities like nappies, drinks and toys.

This bag is just so practical. It has secure metal clasps, is wipe clean and there are even small metal feet to avoid it becoming wet or damaged when placed on the ground. This bag also boasts secure external pockets for make-up, mobile’s, keys and your purse and off course can easily be attached to any stroller.

Practical and sophisticated, organisation just got easy!

Box Contains
1 X changing bag
1 X polar fleece
1 X insulated bag
1 X transparent pocket
1 X soother pocket

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